john-1231615_1920Callista is of the highest moral character and a professional practitioner well regarded in the field of metaphysics. She provides first class counseling and assists other practitioners to give of their best, including a prominent indigenous Australian lore/law elder. She has the capacity to work with people from all walks of life and achieves outstanding results with her clients. ~MT

Callista has the rare combination of a finely hummingbird-2139279__340tuned mind and a deep and feeling heart. I have observed her in conversation about spiritual matters with others in addition to myself, and she has a high facility for guiding the flow of thoughts and ideas. ~BT

Callista is truly a Heart of Gold.  How I loved my Healing / Reading with her dragonfly-859047__340where I was taken into worlds within worlds – I will never quite be the same again.   Callista is a Wise One and a Medicine Woman – a treasure to the Tribe… thank you Callista and Bless You ♡♡ Monica Brigid… Melbourne

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