I started painting in 2010 when I was going through a metamorphosis in my life and found that words could not describe the way I was feeling, so I turned to colours.  I find inspiration from Spirit is hard to describe in words so I channel the energies of Spirit through the vibration of colours. The rainbow, to me, symbolises the light of Spirit shining through our human vessel, which is composed largely of water.  So it is like the Sun shining through the water droplets of rain to form the colours of the rainbow.

 The combination of the colours in my paintings affects people on a subconscious level and triggers something within. This is why I try and keep the paintings free of structure (in the normal sense) to by-pass the conscious mind and reach the heart. I prefer not to give any explanation of the meaning of my paintings because each person will get a different understanding, according to the wishes of their soul.

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One thought on “My Paintings Gallery

  1. Callista I have so enjoyed looking through your website … just fabulous ♡ and LOVE your paintings…. what pure delight to connect with you… 2010 was a pivotal year for me also… many blessings to you dear Sister …. with love and respect xx Monica


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