I am trained in Metaphysical Counselling and am recognised for having a high facility for guiding the flow of thoughts and ideas.  
As an Intuitive Listener and Energy Interpreter I am able to access inter-dimensional timelines for personal information.

I am available to support you to find solid ground in the landscape of your own personal growth and development.

We all reach a point in our lives where we are asking the questions:

“Who am I? What am I? Where have I been? Where am I going?”

Now is the time for you to discover your highest truth!

My work involves connecting people with their simultaneous selves (or past lives) by making them aware of their multi-dimensional nature and their connection to the mother planet, Gaia, and other star systems.

My strength is  bringing through the wisdom of the sacred divine feminine.  The positive feminine energies are beginning to re-establish themselves as we move away from the patriarchal energy of the Kali Yuga cycle, and there is an emerging appetite for metaphysical wisdom in this different paradigm.

I have a broad knowledge of the metaphysical aspect of our existence as human beings on planet Earth.  My studies have taken place over several decades, utilising prominent spiritual concepts and methods offered by spiritual traditions, teachers, and writers throughout the ages.  I now offer this knowledge as part of my service at this crucial time on the planet.

It is crucial that we free ourselves from the Artificial Timelines that have held us in slavery for millennia.  The planet herself is moving into higher frequencies and it is up to us to clear our energy fields so we can accompany her. Now is the time to do this!  I can assist your release from Artificial Timelines and the Reincarnation Cycle.

I also use star languages vocally to assist clients in acquiring knowledge that is sometimes difficult for the conscious mind to interpret. The frequency of star language can initiate a transformative experience because the information by-passes the conscious mind and awakens deeper knowledge.  Star language can also assist with DNA cleansing and activation, enabling the release of past programming and inappropriate manipulation.  This then frees the individual to discover their personal truth and purpose.

Contact with information such as Star language and codes can take individuals out of the usual shell of experience that defines them and they can have the experience of something greater.  They can then sense more of an awareness of their greater being and begin to work in the capacity that they originally came to Gaia to do.  It is usual for barriers to be broken down and negative programming discarded so that higher, positive frequencies can flow through.

The renewal and recognition of the indigenous aspects of our lives is an integral part of the human ascension process, and I am working with Aboriginal indigenous Elders to promote better understanding of ancient indigenous culture and values.  I am recognised as one of the Planetary Grandmothers and one aspect of my work involves utilising this wisdom from the Ancient Grandmothers bringing forth their information to assist individuals in their evolvement.

I live on the south coast of Western Australia with my husband, Will Berlinghof.  Currently I am pursuing a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science through the University of Sedona.

I conduct my sessions via Skype or phone.  

Contact me through the contact form in the menu.  

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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