Now is the Time which is not Linear…

Slowly you are casting off the shroud of your eternity to rise again and create that which is yours, of yours, only yours.

The bonds of the herd are falling away, and you realise with relief, that the Sun will rise in the morning, and all without your willing.

You now understand that the Earth will turn without your bidding, and the moon will rise without your ceremony.

See the Gift before you.

See the freedom which is yours.

Feel the release of the burden which was once so eagerly taken.

Release the responsibility that was needlessly assumed.

Now is the Time which is not linear.

Now is the time to play and delight.

Creation is upon you to play and form and spin and weave your joy.

The textures of tone and hue and taste; the perfumes of the Earth; the colours of the sunset – all are for your joy.

All creation is here for you without reservation or conditionality.

Have no cares, for the seasons will unfold themselves without your direction.

The music of the spheres will continue without your baton.

And your light will shine like a thousand diamonds, sending the rainbows into the ether, spreading the essence of the Creator Lords in to the corners of the universe, blessing all who perceive.

And to your wonder, you see a new colour in the rainbow, for your senses are re-awakening, and all without your doing!

For such is the progression of humanity at this time, and a welcome rest is now yours.

Now is the perfect time to relax and observe the beauty and awesomeness unfolding before you.

Do so in a calm and relaxed manner, knowing that all is in order, and the pageant of the past is not to be repeated.

Your patience and your perseverance are esteemed throughout the universes and now you may rest within the space of your own heart.

You are greatly loved and infinitely known.

Be kind to yourself.



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