When a rocket or the space shuttle goes into space, what happens?

It throws off pieces as it travels into lighter density energy vibrations. This is what happens when you move into different vibrations – you get lighter as the frequency increases because you can’t carry the weight of lower density frequencies. This is when you shed the dross of your template because you are carrying your blueprint into another energy that is vibrating more quickly and finely.

There are different layers to your template which link to the different layers of your energy body as it is now. You will carry these with you as you gradually vibrate with more frequency and that part of you which belongs to a lower density will fall away. This does not mean that you will lose any part of you – it means that you will lose the parts from others that has attached to you.

The parts from others need to be released by you so that they can go back to their owners, so their owners can also become more complete. So by releasing what does not belong to you is not only desirable for YOUR integration, but it also is essential for others to achieve THEIR integration.

It is like when several people are in one bed they have to share one blanket and some will be warm with a lot of blanket and some will be cold with hardly any blanket. No-one knows whether they will have a nice warm bed to go to, because no-one has authority over the blanket. If you have your own bed and blanket then you know that you will always have a nice warm bed that is your private place to have peace and rest.

Your energy body is like a nice safe private place for you to have peace and rest.

So you cannot share it with others and you cannot expect others to share theirs with you, otherwise it is like the twelve people in a bed trying to share one blanket. When you have your own bed and blanket then you can go anywhere and still be in that safe peaceful place. You can go where no-one else is going, if you want to, because you don’t have to worry about going to the bed where the twelve people are, because you have your own bed and blanket. This gives you the freedom to do what YOU want to do, and you don’t have to rely on a group or another person to get you there because you have your own resting place that you take with you.

Your blanket is like a patchwork quilt that is having a makeover. You are finding out which pieces need to stay in your quilt and which pieces need to be returned to their rightful owners. You have a lovely opportunity to return these other pieces to their owners with gratitude and love, because they loaned these pieces to you until you were able to create your own unique pieces.

And now, the most beautiful things are happening, because now you are finding that the pieces of your quilt that really belong to someone else, that you have returned with love and gratitude, are now being replaced by what is you. And these pieces are the most beautiful pieces you have ever imagined. These pieces shine with a brilliance and clarity and beauty and they astound you! You did not realize that your blanket is so beautiful! You are now seeing the pieces of gold and silver and all the precious jewel colours – some of which you cannot name, but that will come. And you can smell this lovely blanket and feel the indescribable love that your blanket (which you have created for you) gives to you.

And you realize that this beautiful quilt was really there all along, but you didn’t think it was good enough. So you borrowed pieces from others’ quilts and placed them over pieces of your quilt.

And for a while you pretended to be someone else.

So now wrap yourself in your magnificent quilt and feel and see and smell your blanket and find out which pieces you need to return. Get to know every atom of your blanket and revel in the richness and beauty that is you. Snuggle in and get comfortable, knowing that your blanket is keeping you safe and peaceful and is everything you need. Rest now in your beautiful fragrant quilt and allow yourself to grow and be nurtured.

For your whole blanket is also a piece of a larger quilt – the macro is also the micro and the micro is also the macro – and when your quilt is really YOU, then you will find out where your quilt fits into the larger quilt.


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