Release from Artificial Timelines  and the Reincarnation Cycle.

I have recently been shown that it is appropriate for us to release ourselves from the artificial timelines that have been trapped in this paradigm. I understand that the recycling ‘device’ (which has been used for thousands of years) has been disabled and therefore there is no more recycling taking place. The constant recycling of souls (reincarnation) on this planet has led to a plethora of artificial timelines which are now a tangled mess, trapped in our planet’s energetic field. It is now time for us to disentangle ourselves from these artificial timelines and make sure we are on the original intended timeline.

These artificial timelines hold low frequency energy and must be dissolved in order for the planet and humanity to raise their frequency to the desired levels in order to escape the recycling meme.

The word ‘meme’ is derived from the Greek mimëma, ‘something imitated’,:

A unit of cultural information such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.  (American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.)

A cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.  (Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary.)

We can see from the above definitions that the experiences that we have had in artificial timelines through ‘past’ lives are self-replicating and bury themselves deeply within our psyche, and deep within our DNA. These thought forms still exist and are holding the artificial timelines in place. If these thought forms continue in our mental space, then the energy of the artificial timelines will continue to exist.

Until we consciously free ourselves from these artificial timelines by clearing our thought forms and re-establishing our intentions, it will be increasingly difficult for individuals to move through the energetic changes that are now taking place. Confusion, frustration, fear and psychotic episodes can be the result of the pressure which is now occurring between the radically different frequencies that are becoming evident. One set of frequencies is enabling the ascension process, the other set of frequencies is opposing the ascension process, and there is a considerable amount of pressure created as we move to the point of no return.

The planet, Earth, Gaia, is herself moving into a higher frequency. She is doing this regardless of what is happening to humanity, for it is up to each individual to take responsibility for themselves in this ascension process. We have free will in this regard, and therefore nothing can be forced. However, she is our Mother, she is our planet, and if we want to go where she goes, then we need to clear our fields of any artificiality. The Mother, Gaia is not artificial – she is a living entity. thTherefore anything artificial or synthetic is not of her. Any artificial timelines will not be sustainable where Gaia is going. We need to be sure we are on the timeline that is the original authentic timeline that was intended for us before manipulation took place.

If only a few of us disengage from artificial timelines, this will lead to the collapse of any and all timelines that we have previously become engaged with. The authentic timeline will remain in place and be an anchor for us as we move beyond the lower frequencies of the artificial timelines.

Your intent is sufficient to clear yourself of your involvement in artificial timelines, but check in with yourself throughout the day to make sure you are not thinking or speaking from the energy of the old artificial constructs.

If you need assistance in clearing these constructs, please get in touch with me through my website.

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