(We need to be reminded that we create our own reality, our own timelines. Dreaming and imagination are powerful tools to help us achieve our own creations. Here is my account of how I understand one aspect of this process after reading portions of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts last year.)

It is wonderful to give yourself the experience of Dreaming your own creation, so I urge you to accept this wonderful creative ability, which we have been given by our Mother, the Aeon Sophia, in her vast love and generosity towards Humanity.

We are creative Beings and we were created through Dreaming. Our Mother, the Aeon Sophia, dreamed of creating us, which She achieved with her counterpart, the Aeon Christos. The Aeons dwell in the Pleroma, however, the Aeon Sophia became so excited with Her dream of creating us (originally, we are known as Anthropos) that she left the Pleroma and transformed into Gaia, giving us a place to live. We were created from Source, the Galactic Centre, or Pleroma. This is where the Aeons dwell. They dream creations and send this dreaming along the spiral arms of the galaxy into the cosmos.

Aeons don’t usually leave the Pleroma, but Aeon Sophia found Herself falling into the chaos of the cosmos, and, as She fell, She unconsciously created other beings which were incomplete (because She was not with Her counterpart, the Aeon Christos, and She did not dream these creatures).

These incomplete beings are called Archons and they are jealous and cruel towards Humanity because they do not have the attributes of the Aeon Christos (love and kindness) or the Aeon Sophia (creativity) and the Archons are unable to create anything. They have caused evil and discord through using lies and deception and illusion in the Human mind.

Now is the time for us to take back our power as creative Beings and true children of Source and help our Mother Gaia correct Her position so She can once again return to the Pleroma, the dwelling place of the Aeons. As Her true children, our dwelling place is also the Pleroma. This process is what we call Ascension, making our way back to Source.

We can achieve this through Dreaming.

Dreaming is operating with all your thoughts, feelings and actions in the Eternal Now using imagination. This is not fantasy. This is called epinoia “hyper-intelligence” which employs the Wisdom of our Mother, Sophia/Gaia to enable us to co-habit successfully with Her. This is our human ability to use imagination to create and evolve.

We are now called upon to use our special creative Dreaming abilities to enable the nature-conservation-480985__340movement of Gaia and Humanity into the next dimension. Our Mother, Sophia/Gaia, is such a generous and loving Being, She gives us the opportunity to create our very own new environment in 5D.

It is time now for all Way-showers to consciously live in the Now and enable the Dreaming to come forth. Ignore the negative distractions of the Archons as they try to invoke fear and anger in the world of deception. The Archons are trying to rob you of your birthright because they are inorganic and incomplete and will never attain Source.

Enable yourselves to be quietly with Gaia and listen as She gives Her Wisdom. She will enable you to create your portals and She will give you all the knowledge you need. Just love Her and listen to Her.

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