There are so many emotions moving through our systems at present. We are experiencing the frustration of confusion. This is largely because we are having lesser and lesser access to the third dimension. 

“I am alive, not dead – why do I feel dead?”

The electrical system in our vehicle is getting confused signals because of the releasing of miasms, both inside and outside our vehicle, as our frequency increases. 3D is harder and harder to translate as we move into multidimensionality in a tangible way.

“I’ve changed – there is no place for me in what was my world.”

“I’m scared because I am crossing a line and I won’t want to go back.”

“I don’t belong in my own world any more.”

The astral field is full of the emotions of loss and confusion. There are no answers at the moment. The nervous system is affected by the releasing of miasms and this is not making sense to our higher selves. We feel isolated and divorced from our higher selves. This triggers depression, anxiety and a sense of loss. It’s like the rug has been pulled from under us. We need to remember that it is part of the process and it will pass.

At present we are feeling the confusion of it. Our bodies feel heavy and dense. We want to sleep all the time; we are hurting; we are bored to tears with 3D issues. We wake up in the morning and it takes hours to get back into the body and after an hour or two of dragging it around, we want to go to sleep again.

It is a continuation of the crisis of faith – we need to know within ourselves that the infrastructure that has held us prisoner for so long, is coming down – the ‘Titanic’ is sinking. There are happenings that we don’t have to worry about – the details are being handled in ways that are not privy to us. In many ways these situations are done and dusted – the future is here NOW.

We don’t know the half of what is really going on in the world. Its ok to be aware of the conspiracies and the scandals, but don’t energise them. Don’t let information become your enemy. Fear is the definition of the third dimension. Our vibrations are modeled according to the monitoring of our beliefs. Don’t choose disinformation. If we involve ourselves in the energy of conspiracies and scandals, we are giving our energies to that vibration. This is no longer our vibration, so every time we do it, we drag ourselves back into a vibration that is counter-productive to our progress and our process. Remember the definition of rape: being used for another person’s agenda and having no power to change it.

We are not powerless.

We are not here to fulfill someone else’s agenda.

We are sovereign Beings who volunteered to enter this paradigm in order to make a difference to the future of humanity in this solar system.

Yes we need to be present in this moment – in the NOW. The crucial thing now is to establish a foothold on FOCUS – stay inspired, stay in imagination as you maintain your inspiration. Stay IMAGINED.


I am the I AM that I am


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