The hardest thing for you to do is to let go of those things which need to be released.

Because of your attachment to each other you have a tendency to act and decide according to another’s expectation.john-1231615_1920

Now is the time to be yourself, and allow others to do likewise.

This is not a new message, but needs to be re-visited, for some paths which appeared to flow together will soon separate.
This is necessary for each of you to achieve your aims.

The Earth herself is taking her own path, and so must you.

Each of you has a path which is totally right for your evolvement and there is nothing superior or inferior.

Your ego will have trouble with this, but we all are students and no-one is superior or inferior.

Allowing another the freedom to be themselves without compromising them or yourself is a high art.

Some will find a physical separation necessary.

Others will continue to work within the existing framework, making allowances and adjustments as required.

There is no superior or inferior way.

Each way involves a letting go with LOVE.

You have the courage and strength and you have our assistance and love as always.

Be kind to yourself and prepare for the New Dawn.


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